It's okay to be emo once in a while, but let's try to be more positive most of the time.

Anonymous said: How tall are you?

I’m 5’3 OTL

1. The meaning behind my URL:  kpop+asiany stuff lol

2. Weakness: heights , ugly bugs, fights with friends

3. Why I love my bestfriend: they are very trust worthy and they can listen

4. Last time I cried and why: yesterday, we had rachel’s challenge at school

5. Piercings I have: 2

6. Favorite Band: Shinee

7. Biggest turn off(s): stinky, people think that they are funny, druggy, smoke

8. Tattoos I want: idk

9. Biggest turn on(s): smell nice, funny, cool, fun to be around

10. Age: 17

11. Ideas of a perfect date: just having fun with hugs and maybe kisses? lol

12. Life goal(s): happy family, and successful career

13. Piercings I want: nothing

14. Relationship status: single, but talking to someone

15. Favorite movie: lady and the tramp, titanic.

16. A fact about my life: im ambitious, but i can be shy. i can sing (i think) i can draw a little bit, im mostly self taught.

17. Phobia: holes.

18. Middle name: marie

Anonymous said: I saw a mermaid give birth several times when I lived underwater. They lay vibrant clear blue eggs and inside them you can see the outline of a "mermaid". A merman then senses the scent of the eggs and he comes over and sperms all over them. It then turns into a darker blue jelly like liquid and the mermaid/men start to rapidly move inside. Over the next few weeks the eggs expand and you can begin to hear the eggs sing the most beautiful peaceful music you have ever heard.

Anonymous said: if you were locked in a room with kris what would you do?

make babies duh.

Anonymous said: So do you eat rice?

no i eat cats and dogs

Anonymous said: where are the rest of your icons?

lol omg someone are actually interested in looking! :)

here they are

Anonymous said: how do you make your edits so smooth

I reduce the noise and and then sharpen it. :)

Anonymous said: How do we get things like Effects and Styles onto Photoshop CS5? I cant find out how to download them and where to find them. Thank you~

They’re are a lot of sites where you can download them, check out my  ”resources" page.

if you go to the sites, there should be download buttons to each one of the effects that you see, after you download them go to your “downloads” they should be there, or depends where you save them.. now to open the effects just open up photoshop and just open them from there. :) 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions )
  • What editing software do you use?

Photoshop CS5 

  • Check out my blog? do you follow back?

Sure and sure!

  • Why didn’t you answer my question?

 its probably on here or it was asked before OR TUMBLR PROBABLY ATE THEM. T..T or.. it’s a super easy question that you can find them on google, or I just don’t want to answer it.

  •  How many followers do you have?


  • Can we use your icons, Psds, actions & etc.

Of course! that’s why I made them so you guys could use them! no credits needed :) all i ask is a like on the post if you take :)
  • Where can i download cute korean fonts?

Here is a tutorial on youtube, it has the links in the description box.

  • Where did you get your playlist?

I got it from hypster.com 

  • Can you give me the lists of songs from your playlist?

Sure, its here

  • Where can I learn korean?
Please check my Resources and links and or just browse through my blogs, there are a lot of links scattered around.  Or Or Or you can always google.
  • Do you use Topaz ?
Sometimes when I think that it’ll make the imagee look better.
  • Where to download PS?

Lots of tutorials on youtube, and google. If you need help just ask me unanon

Personal Questions:

  • What’s your goal for your blog?

I want to be helpful to people if they want advice or anything. I also love just putting what i love and expressing myself.
  • What do you look like?


  • How old are you?
I’m 18 years old.
  • Where are you from?

I’m originally from the Philippines, but moved to Missouri when I was 12 years old. 
  • Why is your skin so white? 

I was born with pale skin, and no I have no skin routine. I just wash my face before going to bed.
  • How long did it take you to learn korean?

I’ve been studying korean for 3 and a half years, I’m still studying . No , I’m not fluent.
  • Do you have a sister? what’s her blog.

Yes I do have a sister. I don’t follow her nor do I know it 

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