It's okay to be emo once in a while, but let's try to be more positive most of the time.
Why i love people of tumblr
  • you know they will always be there for you
  • they give their honest opinion, not to hurt you but to make you realize things
  • they won’t judge you
  • when you’re feeling down, you can always count on them to cheer you up
  • you know they will understand you no matter what you are going through
  • they send you random messages, messages out of nowhere that will really make your day
  • they don’t post slutty pictures to get attention, they post pictures to express themselves
  • they’re not heartless
  • they care
  • they’re real

You guys are amazing, Thanks for Caring

3 years ago on Sep 5,2011 · Tags: #people of tumblr #tumblr people are amazing